Webinar: Mindfulness and Mediation

Our mental energy is connected to our physical and emotional energy. We can learn to synchronize our bodies and minds, thus making every moment fresh.


“Brain lifting” increases the lightness of our being.  It is available to everyone. A concept that emerges with startling consistency throughout the ages is that some type of energy or life force is a necessary component of health. In a sense, we are all beings of energy in a vast universe of energy. But if that is true, why do so many of us feel unsettled?  If we befriend our minds, we will never be alone. Our complex brains are very malleable.

Through meditation and mindfulness, we can develop habits to rewire, renew and reboot our brains.Research shows that consistent practice of meditation and mindfulness significantly decreases stress and increases focus, communication and emotional stability.  In this course, we engage in experiential practices drawn from yoga, East Asian religions, positive psychology, physiology and brain science.


60 minutes


Course Objectives

  • Life Journey. Connect to your mother ship with the intention to stay on course as you dare to grow from challenges.
  • Intentionally tune into the present moment without judgment to touch the miracle of being alive.
  • Conscious Breathing. Deepen, slow down and move with breath to calm the mind and control emotional energy.
  • Daily Practice. Learn the 7 points of mind training to engage in a meditation practice to naturally rest with breath.
  • Deep Relaxation. Use body scanning, visualization and self hypnosis to engage the relaxation response.
  • Taking and Sending. Breathe in others pain and breathe out compassion; gradually expanding to all, even enemies.