Webinar: Embracing the Chaos: Build Thriving Teams in Unpredictable Times

Guide leaders and teams to embrace the current chaotic circumstances in healthy and productive ways and explore how to effectively move through tumultuous times while preparing for an uncertain future.


Designed for leaders of teams as they navigate their way through the chaos and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. This 90-minute webinar provides insight, and practical tools to guide their teams through the random, erratic and tumultuous experience all individuals, teams and businesses are encountering.

Leaders will gain an understanding of how prolonged chaos impacts individuals and teams as well as gaining tools to take advantage of the uncertainty. They will know how to support their team to operate the best now and prepare with contingency plans as they make their way to the future.


This class will benefit everyone.


90 minutes


  • Coronavirus and chaos theory
  • Chaos and team dynamics
    • Chaos Contagions
    • Moving into Adjustment and Adaptation
    • Managing “Allostatic Overload”
  • Strategies for Leaders
    • The Keys to Keeping the Calm in Chaos
  • Planning in Chaos
    • Characteristics of Transition Periods
    • The 4 Stages of Moving Toward an Uncertain Future
    • Power of Positioning and “Pre-crastination”
    • Leveraging Feedback Loops