How to Get Results Without Authority

This workshop will provide you with the necessary skills to win the respect of others and to increase your ability to influence others and gain their cooperation when needed.


In order to be more responsive in an ever-competitive world and meet their customer’s expectations, organizations have evolved to a matrix structure with cross-functional operating teams. This has placed an increasing number of people in the position of achieving certain outcomes without direct authority over the groups they are guiding.

Given the dynamics of today’s workplace, there are few skills more essential to one’s success that the ability to yield influence without authority. This program is designed with a range of techniques and skills that include persuasion and influence, negotiation and the forging of alliances that yield outstanding results. Participants will come away with tools vital for the requirements they face in their current work environment.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


8 hours


Upon completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Create a collaborative work environment that draws together diverse interests in a cohesive manner to accomplish the common goal
  • Learn how to adapt their own style to better influence other members of their team who possess different approaches
  • Manage relationships effectively with others who are in positions of power
  • Be able to persuasively advance their ideas and foster timely decision making
  • Enhance a greater level of commitment and confidence
  • Negotiate their way through conflict and/or impasse more effectively to reach a more collectively satisfying outcome
  • Project a self-assured presence that builds credibility and professionalism in others