Mastering Business Writing

To be effective in today’s workplace, employees need to strengthen and update their business writing skills.


The Mastering Business Writing course design provides the necessary tools, practice opportunities, and resources to enhance employee skills.

Course Design:  2 Days Total (1.5 Days Instruction + .5 Day Participant Coaching)

Design Benefits 

 Comprehensive agenda

  • Numerous practice exercises to reinforce skills
  • At least three relevant in-class writing assignments
  • Professional, confidential document review for all participants
  • Practical resources, checklists, worksheets, and review guides

Individual Coaching Plan:  Participants provide samples of their business writing for professional review.  During the afternoon of Day 2, participants meet with the instructor for individual assistance and confidential document feedback.


2 days


Day 1

  • Set the Stage for Mastering Business Writing
  • Define Context and Course Objectives
  • Focus on Results
  • Refine the Basics: Guidelines for Business Writing
  • Identify 12 Pitfalls of Business Writing
  • Introduce 6 Characteristics of Effective Business Writing

–     Standards for Successful Documents

–     Application:  Sample Document Review

  • Increase Competence through Correct Usage
  • Application: Practice Exercises
  • Select Precise Language for Maximum Impact

–    Application: Guided Review of Initial Writing Assignment

  • Improve Document Readability

–     Practice:  Clarity and Conciseness

–     Application:  Grammar Check with Readability Statistics

Follow the Writing Roadmap: A Proven Process

*   Application: Employ each step of the Writing Roadmap process to plan and

Write in-class assignment

  • Determine Document Purpose
  • Target Readers’ Needs
  • Gather and Organize Data

Write Draft

  • Edit /Proofread Document

Day 2:  Morning

  • Reinforce Business Writing Foundations
  • Choose Strategies to Strengthen Writing
  • Demonstrate Professionalism in Tone and Language

–     Application:  Plan and Write a Persuasive or Negative News Document

Review Results Using Document Checklist

  • Apply Professional E-Mail Guidelines
  • Choose Formatting Techniques to Focus Attention

Plan for Ongoing Improvement: Next Steps

Day 2:  Afternoon – Coaching Appointments

Participants meet individually with instructor to request assistance and confidentially review their sample documents.