Interpersonal Communication

This highly interactive seminar is designed to increase communication effectiveness in the areas of speaking and listening. Learn the skills that will improve your abilities and increase your value in the workplace.


The success of any organization depends on the communication skills of all of its employees. Better interpersonal communication can lead to greater success in the organization, greater satisfaction among our customers, and greater personal success.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


8 hours


Upon completion the student will be able to:

  • Understand the various styles and methods of communication;
  • Analyze their own communication styles;
  • Develop their skills in communicating.

Course Outline:

Introduction and Overview

The purpose of communication

Assets and deficiencies for the various styles of communication

  • Formal communication
  • Informal communication
  • Grapevine/rumor communication
  • Non-defensive communication

Methods of communication

  • Speaking so the listener hears and understands
  • Listening so that you hear and understand (i.e. active listening)

Barriers to effective communication

  • Identifying your own barriers
  • Identifying the barriers of others
  • Overcoming barriers of others
  • Overcoming barriers so that communication takes place

Group dynamics and interpersonal communication

Addressing conflict

Clarifying the communication process

  • Doing it better