Leadership Presence

This program provides an opportunity to explore, develop, and refine Leadership Presence in order to set an example, and connect with others in a meaningful way and motivate for higher performance.


Leadership Presence is ranked as one of the most important leadership traits for a high performing leader.

There are several characteristics that comprise Leadership Presence, including a high degree of self-awareness, a sense of purpose and the ability to communicate in a clear and compelling way. People want to follow leaders that exude calm, trustworthiness and integrity. A leader may have these traits, but not be able to manifest them in a way that is recognized fully.

This program is a deep dive into behavioral techniques that can be learned to achieve unmistakable Leadership.


This course is for leaders/management or those moving into leadership roles.

*Class size is limited to 12 students to ensure time for high value one-on-one feedback


2 days


It is a customizable two-day program that includes a pre-program optional, but recommended, Leadership Assessment. This assessment measures 12 characteristics of leadership including self-confidence, political savvy and assertiveness. It serves as a diagnostic inventory of the participant’s strengths and areas for development to provide a roadmap to attain Leadership Presence.

Day One

Module 1 – First Impressions

Module 2 – Establishing Authenticity with Values in Action

Module 3 – Using Stories to Connect

Module 4 – Controlling Emotions Under Pressure – Crisis communications

Day 2

Module 5 – Yourself in Action

Module 6 – Networking