Presentation Skills, Advanced

The goal of this session is to increase communication and presentation skills for enhanced productivity.


This is a class with a small group (under 10 students), allowing more individual coaching and video feedback. Course will include: Review with practice on beginning skills; Table-top delivery, guidelines for presenting with confidence, Q & A (for meetings with bonding as the main aim), effective use of body language and visual aids, mastering persuasive speaking and more.



This course is a follow up to Presentation Skills, Intro.


16 hours


Presentation Skills

  • Presentation types
  • The Voice and Vocal Image
  • TheBody
  • ActiveListening
  • Body Language & Non Verbal Communication
  • Projecting credibility, trust and rapport
  • Preparation; Establishing key messages
  • Structuring the presentation to deliver your key message
  • Starting the presentation with impact and interest
  • Compiling information and presenting evidence in a clear and comprehensive manner
  • Influencing the audience with powerful endings
  • Maintaining audience attention
  • Designing and using visual aids such as PowerPoint, projectors and flipchart
  • Handling questions and eliciting information
  • Hiding visible signs of nerves

Presentation Practice

  • Prepare for In-Class Video Presentation (Twice)
  • In Class – 10 Minute Presentations
  • Video Feedback
  • Personalized action plan to maximize increased presentation skills