Webinar: Who Needs to Engage in the Project? Effective Project Stakeholder Management

Project management practitioners will learn better ways to successfully identify, analyze, prioritize, and facilitate different stakeholder needs throughout the life cycle of the project. 




A project has many individuals, groups, organizations, and communities that have a vested interest in the outcome of a project.  These stakeholders derive from many sources and each one wields a certain level of influence and can impact the project either positively or negatively.  One of the many responsibilities of the project leader is to not only identify and understand these stakeholders, but also effectively manage their expectations in line with the project’s expected outcomes.



Session Number:  PLS-WNL032018

Duration:  1.5 Hours

Professional Development Units (PDUs)/Project Management Education Contact Hours:  1.5


90 minutes


Participants will explore and apply useful processes, tools, and techniques that will help enable smoother project delivery while minimizing stakeholder obstacles.

In addition, participants will not only know how to create a Stakeholder Register, but also use it to more effectively manage their project.