Effective Mentoring in a Diverse Environment

This a two-day, interactive training program is specifically designed to teach the essential concepts and skills of coaching in a highly diverse environment.


More and more organizations with diverse environments are finding that the concepts and skills of mentoring are essential for successfully supporting individual employee growth and development. In today’s complex and diverse environment, having managers and experienced employees who understand and use mentoring to support and encourage up and coming employees, and who understand and use the techniques of developmental coaching as part of the mentoring process, has been proven vital to organizational success.

This practical, interactive, engaging two-day program provides participants with a solid grounding in mentoring concepts and techniques, specifically as they relate to organizational needs/culture. It also introduces participants to the core techniques of “developmental coaching,” for it is the program developer’s position that mentors who understand and use the techniques of developmental coaching, are among the most effective mentors of all.



The course is geared towards managers and experienced employees.


16 hours


Program Topics Areas:

  1. Overview: the Concept of Mentoring – an invaluable development tool
  2. Overview: the Mentoring Process
  3. On Being A Mentor: roles & responsibilities, expectations and commitments
  4. The Emotionally Intelligent Mentor
  5. Developmental Coaching and The Socratic Method
  6. Mentor Preparation
  7. Mentee Preparation
  8. Mentoring & Developmental Coaching Tools, Resources, and Effective approaches
  9. Developing Appropriate Measurements of Mentoring Success:
  10. Essential Coaching Skills & Practice
  11. The Mentee in Crisis