Excel, Pivot Tables and Power Pivot

This half-day class introduces you to the tools you need to make Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.


A Pivot Table is an interactive table that automatically extracts, organizes, and summarizes your data, making it easier to analyze. If you work with large data sets, Pivot Tables can help you make comparisons, detect patterns and relationships, and analyze trends with greater ease.

At the conclusion of this class you will be able to create, modify and format Pivot Tables, as well as, gain an understanding of how Pivot Charts can be used to display data visually.


This course is geared toward students who have worked with Excel beyond the basic level and are comfortable working with functions and formulas.


4 hours


  • Creating and Delivering PivotTable Reports
    • Introduction to PivotTables
    • Changing PivotTable Layout
    • Modifying PivotTable Reports
    • Formatting PivotTable Reports
  • Customizing the Appearance and Layout
    • Sorting PivotTable Data
    • Printing PivotTable Reports
  • Summarizing with Totals and Formulas
  • Retrieving and Refreshing Data
  • Creating Multiple PivotTables
  • PivotChart
    • Working with PivotCharts
    • Making a Regular Chart using PivotTable Data
  • Publishing PivotTable Data to the Web
  • Advanced Options
  • Linking PivotTables to External Sources